CONC’s Central Okanagan Biodiversity Checklist (British Columbia, Canada)

The Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club (CONC) Biodiversity Checklist for the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) is intended to include all species of flora and fauna confirmed from the District or considered to be of probable or possible occurrence. It includes about 8000 species.

Extent of the Regional District of Central Okanagan

Query the database using the search bar at the top right. After a search, click on any given species or taxon to access information on taxonomy, distribution, date of last update, useful links to iNaturalist and to E-Fauna/Flora BC, whether it is native or exotic, and for identification hints. It is also possible to view the members of major groups of flora or fauna (click on “Groups” in the menu above).

When conducting a search, you can search for one or multiple words; searches are not case-sensitive. When searching for an English name, use the singular (“grasshopper”) rather than the plural (“grasshoppers”). English names tend to be variable and inconsistently used (or not available at all for many organisms), so it is always preferable to search for scientific names. The scientific or Latin names of a taxon of interest is always provided in the Taxonomy box on the taxon-specific page.

Various status codes are used but the most important are:

  • C: Occurrence is "Confirmed" with a specimen or reliable photographic record.
  • P: Occurrence is "Probable" as based on a review of nearby records and its known distribution in BC and habitat requirements.
  • TBD: Occurrence is "To Be Determined" if available information does not allow it to be considered probable or to exclude the possibility it might be present in the district.

The database's information is derived from a review of the literature and major Internet sources and should be considered as preliminary; original sources and experts should be consulted for definitive information on distribution and taxonomy. Although every effort has been made to provide up to date and reliable information, there are undoubtedly many errors and omissions, and we welcome input, comments, and suggestions from users.

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